Design Leadership | Creative Direction
Steve Richey

Harvard Business School; Design Thinking and Innovation
Adobe Certified Expert; Premiere Pro CC
IBM; Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner
IBM; Project Management Fundamentals
MarCom Gold Award in the Informational Category
"Lockout Tagout - LOTO Is Not A Choice"
MarCom Platinum Award in the Animation Category
"Fire Safety - Learn Before You Burn"

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art direction / style guide development







As an Associate Creative Director at Intertek Alchemy, I led a team of creative professionals who produce engaging and empowering adult education content for the manufacturing, food processing, and hospitality sectors. Our goal, to transform the way people learn and work by developing visual imagery that conveys and communicates instruction using contemporary and cutting-edge adult learning methodology and technology.I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Premiere Pro and a Specialist in Design Thinking, with skills and knowledge in art direction, motion graphics, video production, and graphic design. I collaborate with client and internal stakeholders to implement conceptual ideas, develop style guides, and ensure quality and consistency during production. I also plan and execute production shoots, talent casting, and location scouting. My work has earned multiple awards in animation and information design. I am passionate about storytelling and problem-solving, and I strive to deliver innovative and effective solutions that make a positive impact.

Tools of the Trade


  • Premiere Pro (ACE Certified)

  • After Effects (w/ Element 3D & Nodes3)

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • Lightroom

  • Audition

  • Cinema 4D

  • Maya

  • Logic Pro (w/ Spitfire Audio)

  • Figma

  • Notion

  • Smartsheet

  • Slugline

  • Dropbox

  • Storyboarder

  • Shot Designer


  • Sony a7riii

  • Sony FX3

  • Rokinon Cine Primes

  • Atomos Ninja

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